Top 5 reasons to use a VPN


Keep your online communications private

When you are online you want to keep your private data private and a VPN can help you do that. ISPs around the world are allowed to, sometimes obligated to, log your data and metadata and retain it.  In the USA ISPs are allowed to sell this data.  A VPN like MacSentry encrypts your data within a secure tunnel so that not even your ISP can read allowing you to browse confidently in the knowledge that your private data and surfing habits remains private. 

Public WifiStay safe on Public Wi-Fi hotspots

Open Wi-Fi hotspots are available in many establishments nowadays, even your local coffee shop. These networks are often a prime target for nefarious individuals looking to intercept sensitive data such as passwords. With a MacSentry VPN connection, you can keep your important information safe whilst using Public Wi-Fi.

BypassBypass censorship around the world

If you live in a country that blocks the use of certain websites (such as Facebook and YouTube for example), using MacSentry to connect to a VPN server in a different country can help you circumvent these draconian measures and enjoy the internet in any way you see fit.

Geo ServicesAccess geo-blocked services

Online streaming services wall off part of their library depending on where you live. With MacSentry, you can get more from your subscriptions and gain access to a whole new world of media for no extra cost.

With servers in the USA, UK, Germany, Canada and The Netherlands you are well covered in regards to access of the biggest geo-blocked services. 

ShieldKeep safe when using P2P applications

If you often use P2P communications, such as torrenting, MacSentry will keep your identity hidden. We do not throttle or block P2P applications so MacSentry is a fantastic accompaniment to your P2P activities. 

MacSentry provides a versatile VPN service that can help improve your internet experience in just about every aspect. We can help ensure your peace of mind when you are online.

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