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Apple finally joins the fight for Net Neutrality


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Back in 2014 many of the biggest names in technology joined the fight for Neutrality, firms such as Google and Facebook helped take up the gauntlet against the FCC and their plans to remove Net Neutrality as a Title II service.  

Perhaps surprisingly, Apple have only just made their voices heard for Net Neutrality, on the final day to file any comments on the matter. 

Apple said in their filing that they felt consumer choice, innovation, transparency etc. are vital and the removal of Net Neutrality is a step towards eradicating these principals. 

Apple said in their filing:

"These key principles are reflected in the FCC’s current rules and should form the foundation of any net neutrality framework going forward,"

If you want to read the full comment by Apple you can find it here.

This support flies in the face of their breach of Net Neutrality rules back in 2009 when they were found to be blocking Skype for iPhones. This was due to AT&T trying to get their customers to upgrade and pay extra to be able to use FaceTime. 

AT&T also published a finding on the 30th of August stating that in fact the majority of comments online are in favour of repeal of Net Neutrality rules. They claimed that the majority of comments made for Net Neutrality were in fact fake. 

This goes against a similar study that was posted recently that stated 98.5% of unique comments are in fact in favour of Net Neutrality. 

The problem with the AT&T research is that it does not take into account spam bots. AT&T are known to be heavily in favour of the repeal of Net Neutrality, so it is likely that their research is heavily skewed to give a result that benefits their motive. That isn’t to say the other study is clean either. 

Now the official process for comments has come to an end, we will start to see the effects of the FCC and how far they will go with their repeal of Net Neutrality.