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iOS 11 has a lot to offer for the security conscience


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iOS 11 is finally here and it has a lot of interesting changes, especially for those that care about their security.

iOS 11 has a lot of changes without taking into account the security features that been added.

A one-handed keyboard has finally been added for use on iPhones. iPads have long since had this option so it is a nice inclusion from Apple, especially with screen sizes getting as big as they currently are. The Control Centre can also now be customised to fit your tastes.

Another interesting addition is the native support of FLAC files for the audiophiles amongst us. No need to now convert your lossless music into ALAC anymore.

As for security and privacy features, Apple has finally added settings to Safari that allow you to block cookies and restrict what advertisements can track. This makes it harder for advertisers you to track you from website to website.

iOS 11 now also lets you know exactly when an app is tracking your location outside of the app itself. This is useful for cracking down on applications that you didn’t know were previously tracking your every move before. In addition to this, within settings you can now restrict when your location is used by apps. You could for example only allow an app to record your location when using it, rather than whenever it wants.

You can now also set a custom numeric or alphanumeric code in order to unlock your phone, so you no longer need to stick to the 4-digit restriction that is currently in place on iOS.

You can now also completely shut off biometrics, which whilst in a two-step verification process is very secure, as just a single step, it can easily be abused. You can now just leave your iOS device with just a pin of your choice.

This is just a selection of the great security and privacy features that have now been implanted within iOS 11, now you can really make your Apple device as secure as you want.