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IBM’s new Z Mainframe encrypts everything


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Z Mainframe

The new “Z Mainframe” from IBM has the power and ability to encrypt absolutely everything. Whether the data is statically sitting in a database or is dynamically changing all the time, the Z Mainframe can encrypt it all. 

Encryption is something that takes a back seat in current corporate mainframes due to the adverse effect it has on performance. Encryption is a very resource intensive task and it would take a huge investment to have a machine that could easily keep a service running smoothly and encrypt all information.

This is where the Z Mainframe comes in. It has 32TB worth of memory and around eighteen times more power than other bog-standard systems available today. This power is key to being able to encrypt information on the fly. 

This extra power is not only great for encryption, it can process many other common tasks simultaneously, such as online transactions. 

The Z Mainframe also features a comprehensive IDS (Intruder Detection System) that allows it to “self-destruct” encryption keys (of which it stores millions) when any sort of intrusion detected. This means that hackers can’t get the keys needed to decrypt the information.

Whilst they can’t stop hackers taking the information if there was an intrusion, it is very unlikely that a hacker could get passed the encryption in place.

This mainframe is fantastic for large corporations, though the process of moving such large amounts of data to this new system would be very time consuming, the protection it has to offer to prime hacking targets is too good to pass up.

Whilst this system may not stop hackers gaining information, even if it is useless before decryption, it is a step in the right direction. 

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear news of big companies falling prey to hackers that have exploited holes in their security and this Z Mainframe can go a long way to stopping important and confidential information getting into the hands of nefarious individuals.